RittenHouse at Locust Grove

Towing Procedure

Towing Procedure FAQ

If you believe your car has been towed, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Automotion Towing at 856-262-7484 and advise them your car may have been towed by them from Rittenhouse at Locust Grove in Deptford, NJ.
  2. Identify yourself and your address. Provide Vehicle Year Make Model and License Plate number.
  3. If they towed your vehicle, they will instruct you on how to retrieve your vehicle and all costs involved which you will have to pay prior to them releasing the vehicle to you.

NOTE: If your car is in the process of being towed and is already hooked to the truck and you try to stop them from towing, you will need to pay the towing company their minimum fee before they will release your vehicle from the truck.

The towing company is an independent contractor and has no affiliation or financial agreement with the Rittenhouse at Locust Grove Homeowners Association. All dealings in a towing situation, financial and otherwise, are between the vehicle owner and the towing company.

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